Taking Stock

I felt my first post here ought to be about beans.

I signed up for this, my new food-related blog, a couple of months ago and after a week or so of half-hearted and semi-successful tweaking the layout, I got a bit fed up (pun intended) and forgot about it for a while.

What is it that’s reminded me to come back here? Reading other food blogs, of course. They always inspire me. Sometimes emotionally; sometimes practically in the form of, “Ooooh, I’ve got to try that recipe!” Just now I saw a post somewhere on baked beans, and while I don’t need that particular recipe right now, a little switch flipped in my head that I must try making baked beans with the addition of a spice I’ve recently initiated into my spice drawer arsenal: smoked paprika. (Well, I thought I was buying smoked paprika, but it turns out to be smoked cayenne or something, with a heck of a kick to it. But that’s fine by me.)

I rushed hopefully to my kitchen in search of haricot beans, and came face-to-face with my box full of beansandgrainsandseedsanddriedfruitandjunk. It hasn’t been granted proper living space in the kitchen since we moved, because, well, there isn’t any. Not for a messy collection of unstackable bags and plastic containers and mismatched jars, anyway. You’d think I’d treat these kinds of food, which are so important to me, with more respect. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had the best of any luck cooking beans properly in the last few months. I guess they’re still in ‘the dogbox’. I’ll have to bring them out!

It seems right to share with you where my beans and I stand, at the beginning of blogdom. I didn’t find haricot beans, but I’ve got plenty else to work with.

  • ~3 cups red (dal) lentils
  • ~2 cups green lentils, in two different bags
  • ~2 cups brown lentils
  • ~1 cup aduki beans
  • ~2 cups black beans
  • >2 cups mung beans
  • ~3 cups arborio rice
  • >2 cups risoni
  • >1 cup orzo
  • >2 cups couscous
  • >1 cup quinoa
  • >1 cup pearl barley
  • >1 cup red rice

Lots of goodies. I must find recipes for them.


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