This blog is about the food I love (just in case you hadn’t noticed ;)). I has beans. I will show you what ‘has been’ on my plate, for any who might be interested. Enjoy.

But who am I, you ask?

Anna. Human-bean. Female. Taurus. Pagan. Herbivore. Carbivore. Food-pornographer. Poet. Jewellery-maker. Gardener. Bookworm. Introvert. Dreamer. Lover.

And if we truly are what we eat, then I am . . .

. . . bananas! . . . nuts! . . . crackers! . . . ha ha, just joking (sort of).

. . . beans, booze, bread, coffee, fruit, grains, herbs, nuts, oil, pasta, seeds, spices, tea, vegetables . . .


1) What my diet has been: A brief history… I was a lazy vegetarian for most of my life because I never liked meat. In mid-2007 I went vegan, and loved it for two and a half years. In early 2010 I started eating dairy and eggs again. As of early 2013, I have decided to transition back into veganism. Which truly makes me a herbivore. And I hope I stay that way for life!

2) Please read my recipes carefully. Unlike many other food bloggers, I don’t believe in including preparation instructions in the ingredients list, unless something needs to be measured in prepared form, for instance chopped herbs. But hell, I’m not heavily into measurements anyway – I avoid exacting amounts where I can. That’s part of what makes food fun. Improvise! Create magic! Personalise recipes to suit your tastes! I do.

3) …Which reminds me to say that not all recipes on my blog are original, but I will always link back to the creator where possible. If I love a recipe as-is, I’ll simply link to it, but if I’ve made changes which make it awesomer, I’ll blog about it with my changes. If you’d rather I didn’t do this with your recipe, just let me know and I’ll remove it. I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. I’d appreciate the same, if anyone wishes to repost my own recipes. 🙂


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