Herein rest my recipes (at least, until I get my own website running again). Have fun with em. These are my favourites, and most I wrote myself; others I’ve tweaked so much that I’ve kinda made them my own. You’ll see some ethnic dishes on this list – Indian food, for instance – and of course, I don’t claim to have invented those ones, but I make them often, and I wanna share my take on them. I hope you’ll find the recipes easy to follow, delicious and perhaps inspirational.

I played around with many kinds of marvellous foods when I was vegan. Therefore, many of these are vegan recipes, and most others are easily veganisable, with optional non-vegan ingredients, or substitution suggestions. Any that are definitely vegetarian – in which dairy, eggs and/or honey are key ingredients – I will mark with a (v).

When baking, I almost always use oil instead of butter, plant-based milk instead of dairy milk, and chia ‘eggs’ instead of hen’s eggs. I’ve found them quite interchangeable, with good results. However, I don’t make fancy things like sponge cake where the food chemistry relies on specific ingredients and exact measurements.


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